why I blog

I'm sure some people might not understand blogging. I don't consider this the typical "mommy blog". I've had an online journal since I was 14 years old. My blogging has changed over the years. Even though it's been on the internet, it's been somewhat private until just a few months ago. I never realized there was such a big community, and how impacting it would be to my life.
Finding others who share the same faith, struggles, and dreams for their family as I do gave me the motivation and confidence and share some of the deeper things I have on my heart.

My desire for this space has always been the same.... to share my story.
I often read through my blog when I'm having "off" days and I'm reminded of God's goodness to me and my family.
Blogging helps me process what I have going on in my heart, and make sense of it. I think in a way, it makes me a better person.
Sometimes I don't feel heard or noticed
Blogging gives me a voice, and a place to let it all out

It helps me appreciate all the little things about life that might be taken for granted.
I take a lot of pictures, because little details are so precious to me
I hope that my children will read this someday, and remember all of our adventures and how much I loved them even if I didn't always get it right..
I hope that it will bless and encourage them.

This season with little ones isn't easy, but when I sit at the computer some nights after they've gone to bed. I rarely remember the messes, or meltdowns. I remember the kisses, the baby giggles, hugs, trips to the park. The new experiences and all the good memories that we make together.

I'm not pretending we don't have bad days. We have plenty, like anyone else. I've been hurt, I've experienced heart ache, but I choose to make this a place where I document the good.

I truly feel blessed to be loved by such an amazing man, and motherhood is the greatest gift I've ever been given. I hope that this will someday be a gift to them.