Jul 25, 2014

The little things

Heyyy fridaaaay

Five randoms from a pretty good week...

O N E / / Vegetarian
After my trip to Michigan in May, I came home so completely sick from all the eating out we had done for a week that I decided to fast from any meat for a while. And since I've never been in the habit of making multiple meals, I decided no one would eat meat. That basically turned into two months and we still haven't looked back. We typically eat better than this but we have those nights..

Instagram media by lesleylfloyd - Fiesta salads and fries for dinner

T W O / / Pink Floyd
The floyd child that wears pink.
This little girlie of mine...gosh
All of us are just head over heals. Even Weston, who can sometimes give her the cold shoulder, cannot help himself when she's all dressed up. Also, she is quite aware of how cute she is and uses it to her advantage.

Instagram media by lesleylfloyd - When she goes to bed, I miss her 💖 #latergram

T H R E E / / Slow mornings
A nice 3 mile run first thing in the morning to beat the heat. My music, cool breeze and an occasional prayer when I have the breath. Seriously is like medicine to me.  And then coffee and cartoons with mah bebes. I'm going to miss our slow mornings come fall

Instagram media by lesleylfloyd - Holy 90% humidity on my run this morning. Cooled down now and finally...coffee ☕️

F O U R // Haircuts
My boys got their hairs did this week. Can you even? 

Instagram media by lesleylfloyd

F I V E / / Beach
Beach days with my best friend, husband and the kiddos. Any day the sun is shining, we're there

Instagram media by lesleylfloyd - Favorite place with my favorite people 💖

Put all those things together in one week and I really can't ask for much else!

life rearranged

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