Jul 15, 2014

Me time

Growing up, I knew for sure that some day I wanted to be a mom and so when the time came, even with the challenges I had during each pregnancy and nursing and weight gain/loss and all the hard stuff, I loved it 
It was what I felt in my being, God had created me for
But each and every day that I have dug down and given away pieces of myself to serve my husband and my kid's needs, without ever finding ways to fill myself back up 
Over the years it had finally taken it's toll on me and in the first few months of this year I found myself have panic attacks and even spacing out for minutes at a time..walking into a room and forgetting where I was or why I went in there...I felt like a zombie going through the motions 

And then one day about two months ago.. I spontaneously decided I wanted to go out for a run..
Out of the blue and in the middle of the day
I told Ben I was going
I don't have the best record of sticking to any sort of exercise program but I have gone every other day since

#RunHappy-Love at First Run @Jenny Brooks Running

Thats all it took and I've been hooked ever since..
I'm sure I could stand to lose a little weight, but that hasn't been my motivation
What keeps me going is the freedom I feel when I'm running
My head is clear and I can think
As strange as it sounds, I feel like a human

Instagram photo by lesleylfloyd - nice 3 mile run this morning despite having issues with my apps 😊

I love my role but it's so easy to get lost in the laundry and the dishes and constant arguments with unreasonable miniature people
I look forward to my runs, and even get excited the night before about waking up before everyone else and getting out there and "feeling" something
Meeting my goals and pushing myself

LOVE THIS!!! Running is the best therapy!   Sometime, you have to face it and deal with it, but at first, just for a time,   it's really ok to run away from it! :)
Whatever it is that you enjoy...I encourage you to take the time for yourself and do it!
Even if you don't know what it is
I never imagined I would enjoy running but just give something a shot
I didn't think I needed to and for so many years I pushed through each day
I feel like such a better mom and wife and friend now that I'm taking a little time for myself
Everyone wins


  1. Than you so much Lesley for this post. I have a lot of trouble trying to find time for myself. I am the type of person who loves long to do lists and loves filling my days with things. I love being busy, but I know I need time for ME too. Thank you for this reminder! Now following you. Follow me back too?

  2. Oh I love this post!! I think as Mom's we try to give to much of ourselves away and put everyone else first! I'm so glad you found running therapeutic! I too run but have ran into some health problems recently that have forced me to stop, I hope to continue soon because it is so very therapeutic!

    Stopping by from the link up :)