Jul 17, 2014

bear with me

Ben left Monday for a week of training in Charlottesville. Surprisingly, I'm holding down the fort pretty well. I've managed to exercise with three kids in tow nearly every day. The kids can ride two miles on their bikes which is pretty impressive and I managed to do a decent run pushing a graco stroller.

Instagram media by lesleylfloyd - Kids did 2 miles with me today!

We've maintained a good flow, ran errands, kept the house in shape and I read a new book this week called "Loving your kids on purpose". I might share on that later because it had some interesting points.
Weston had his first dentist appointment and completely rocked it! And thank the good Lord he doesn't have any cavities because Kingston has more cavities than healthy teeth. I'm kidding but it sure feels that way..

Instagram media by lesleylfloyd - This guy rocked his first dentist appointment today. No cavities either!!!

But of all weeks to have some poor weather, it had to be this week. I might have plopped the kids in front of the wii more than I'd care to admit. Heck I might have even been plopped in front of the wii right along with them. But we lived and today we're heading out to the beach where all our dreams come true...something like that..

I'm trying to get back to blogging and it feels rough
So bear with me while I write ridiculous posts for a while, or forever

Just look at pictures of my kids because they're cute..


  1. Kudos for holding down the fort! We've got kid dentist appointments coming up and I'm nervous, suddenly trying to get them to brush their teeth!