Jun 3, 2014

The best years of my life

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Today marks eight years of marriage for Ben and I
It feels like so much longer, but in a really good way because the best years of my life are because of him
I think we've faced a decent amount of things both good and bad over the years

Sickness and health
Highs and lows
Financial hardships and blessings
Seasons of rock solid teamwork
Seasons of feeling completely disconnected

Through it all, my heart still wants his. I've never felt more safe than I do when he holds me
After 10 years together, he still pursues me and I admit that I don't always make it easy
Even with all of the trials that go along with marriage..
he's my best friend
he's my rock
my encourager

he sees what no one else but that Father sees in me

he's had my heart since I was 17 years old...and that will never change

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