May 28, 2014

The new prayer

Last night as I was laying in bed, I thought about you and all the maturing you've done in the last few months 
You've always been so sweet to me and your dad but your shyness sometimes prevented others from getting to see the beautiful person you are

I don't know what changed, other than you just growing up before my eyes, but I am so proud of you
My eyes well up with tears when I think about it..

I love where God placed you in our family because you are such a good big brother to both Weston and Eden. You lead Weston and you are strong and brave for him, helping him reach the things he can't and you are so sweet to your sister. If you see her in trouble, you quickly go after her without me even asking

You are suddenly very grown up and understanding of so much. Since I carried you in my belly, I've prayed the same prayer over you and recently you've changed the words to where you now recite it over yourself

Jesus, thank you for me
Bless me, protect me and keep me safe
Guard my heart, my eyes and my ears
Set me apart for you, Amen

Since Easter, we've been explaining heaven and teaching you about Jesus, His death and love for us...
Tonight you asked to pray the "new prayer" and your dad led you through the prayer of salvation
I don't know how much you understand at the age of 5 but I imagine it's well beyond your years and that there are angels rejoicing in heaven tonight

Each and every day with you is a gift, I'm not owed or promised another but will be forever grateful that God gave you to us
There are many times I've felt like I haven't gotten it right, and I know there will be more but tonight is not one of those times..


  1. What an answer to prayer! So happy for your family :)

  2. beautiful post :) \