May 21, 2014

Eden is one!!

Wow your first year has come and gone. It actually didn't fly by the way I'm sure it does for a lot of people. It was a long year, but the good thing is that I was really able to feel present and enjoy you even during the harder months when you were unhappy. 

I nursed you for a grand total of 365 days in a row. I did it, and I know you won't really care but it's something I'm so glad I was able to do and really thankful for the bond we have because of it. We are still nursing at least once a day...when you want to. But I think it's coming to end very soon.

You are the first Floyd baby not to walk by 10 months old (and still aren't) and because you are still really tiny, I almost question that you are really a one year old now...especially when you are sitting next to babies 3-5 months younger than you. 
At your well visit, you were 18 pounds and 28 inches which put you in the 25th percentile for both height/weight. 

You are cruising alongside furniture, climbing stairs, pushing your walking toys, playing peek-a-boo, and making plenty of messes. You transitioned just fine to whole milk and will eat just about anything, you're not picky thank goodness. 

Before you were apart of our family, I ached for the bond between a mother and daughter. Thats all that really felt was missing from my life. Forget all the girly stuff, it really was about that relationship for me. And as much as it's possible, you fill that missing piece in my heart and our entire family just being who you are, Eden. You are the joy on those days it was hard to find joy and peace (Olivia) the softer side. It just wasn't the same without you. 
I get a "good morning, mom" from your brothers but from you, I get a 2-3 minute long embrace and pat on my back every single morning. It's just those sweet little things you do, that remind me even more of what an amazing God we have knowing what gifts to give His children. 

And you, baby girl, are an incredible gift

(photo credit: Katie Robinson)

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