Apr 14, 2014

Eden is 11 months!

Better late than never! My new motto

But no, life is finally feeling manageable. You are so happy, and absolutely living up to the meaning of your name "delight". You bring joy to our family with just your goofy little smile and these adorable teefers.

You've gotten some little rolls in the last month, and they get bitten a few times a day because we just cant stand how cute they are.

You crawl, you pull up, you've cruised along the furniture a few times. You dance (a little inappropriately) whenever you hear music. You wave opening and closing your hand now instead of just waving your arm. You say a few words, mama, dada, dog, baba (bottle) and ball.

You eat everything like a big girl. Whatever we eat, you eat too. You hug and give kisses but you also smack at things when you've got an attitude. Never dealt with so much sass before. It's cute right now though, we'll deal with it later.

You absolutely love the swings at the park, you die laughing. And you are so friendly! You just love people, so social and sweet. I could go on and on about how head over heels we are for you, baby girl.

We are still nursing! Twice a day, morning and night and it's perfect because during the day you are too busy, but we still get to bond during those sleepy moments. I'm so thankful I was able to have that experience with you and stick it out!

We're planning your first birthday! Doing a bunny theme and I'm getting pretty excited.

I'm not sad that you're growing, I love all the new adventures that come with that. You complete our family and make life so much more fun.

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