Apr 24, 2014

Easter 2014

We didn't do any egg coloring, or easter egg hunts this year. Maybe we will next year..who knows? I did get the kids each a few things in their easter baskets, something but not the focus. I felt some conviction about where the focus might go if we didn't make it a point to glorify the real reason but still allow the kids to enjoy the fun parts of Easter.
The week leading up to Easter we read to the boys about palm sunday, the last supper, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. I think it clicked with Kingston, and he was genuinely emotional about Jesus dying for us which made it really hit home with me again...after all these years.

The man gave his life for me, but also so these kids can go to heaven one day too. The different perspective you gain on the stories you grew up with after you've had children of your own, is a beautiful thing. I'm thankful for a new appreciation of the incredible gift God gave and sacrifice He made

True love

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  1. happy easter
    thanks for sharing. i am been inspired by bloggers like you to share my journney as i blog about my struggle with Huntingtons disease. I would be honored if you woulld foillow as I share my heart.