Mar 24, 2014

New normal..

Spring has been teasing us. We get a few nice days in a row, and then it's back to cold. I was reading through my blog from this time last year, and it seems like we were dealing with the same thing. But on those nice days, we take full advantage of them and soak up that sun.

Ben and I were talking yesterday about how we both are a little nervous about summer. Really looking forward to it, but certain songs and even some of these warm days have brought back some scary emotions and memories from last year....

I really feel like the move was one of the best decisions we could have made this year. Physically getting out of that situation, newness and even a sense of freedom I've felt since living here. Something I didn't pinpoint until we were in our new house, but I realized I felt "trapped" there and extremely lonely. I think there will be a lot of things like that this year, healing and restoration in areas we didn't even know affected us. He knows us better than we know ourselves...

 Instagram photo by lesleylfloyd - Zoo day with my babies! Instagram photo by lesleylfloydInstagram photo by lesleylfloyd - She needs a smaller helmet next time! Instagram photo by lesleylfloyd - Enjoying the last little bit of warmth before it's cold again!
Instagram media by lesleylfloyd - Awesome path behind our house to ride bikes!

We got all the bedrooms mostly together. At least enough to feel at home and at a good stopping point for now. The boys room had mint green walls with puppy border, Eden's room had blue walls with sports border and our room was yea...we got right to fixing that. The kids are finally adjusted. Eden did fine with the move, but the boys took some time. I figured that would happen so it didn't surprise me.

Instagram media by lesleylfloyd - Still some work to do in here but we are at least somewhere with her room
Instagram media by lesleylfloyd - Wish I had a before. But just envision mint green walls with cocker spaniel border...😳
Instagram media by lesleylfloyd - Probably all I'll really do in our room. Painted and got new bedding since the color wasn't what I planned and new bedding was easier than repainting haha
Instagram photo by lesleylfloyd - 🍦🎀 Instagram photo by lesleylfloydInstagram photo by lesleylfloyd - Little boy ❤️ Instagram photo by lesleylfloyd - 🎀💗 Floyd girls
Instagram media by lesleylfloyd - Celebrating the first day of spring with free Rita's!

Eden is a brand new baby. On the move, into everything. We all love it! Hard to believe I'm planning her first birthday in the next month!

Instagram photo by lesleylfloyd - She was just in here with me...turn around and she's gone Instagram photo by lesleylfloyd - She found me! Time for baby gates. This girl is mobil Instagram photo by lesleylfloyd - My righty and my lefty ☺️ #latergram Instagram photo by lesleylfloyd - Can't believe she's ours most days 💗 

And when the weather goes back cold after teasing us with those beautiful spring days, we try and make the best of it with warm fires, family movie nights and a new thing we've started, reading the bible all together. 

Instagram photo by lesleylfloyd - This boy knows how to relax.. Instagram photo by lesleylfloyd - Whatcha doin? 

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