Feb 11, 2014

Every season of the soul

We hoped and prayed that there would be new opportunities in 2014 for our family because last year, life was kinda put on hold, but lately it's felt like a whirlwind and it's all happening pretty quickly.

I know a lot of people are excited for their little ones to head off to school, but I've been dreading it since Kingston has been two years old. Literally.. each time I would think about it, I'd get a knot in my stomach. I wouldn't say I am completely on board at this point, but knowing he is in a better school district when I send him off (and break my heart in two) this fall, it softens the blow.

And thats the other thing, we're moving...

We have been so blessed with an amazing landlord the past 3 years. When we asked her if we could break our lease early (before july) so we could get settled and figure out where Kingston would go to school, she said yes. Within a week she found a new tenant and we found a new house just a few weeks later. It sounds like it happened pretty quick, but those were some agonizing days as we researched every school in hampton roads and saw some pretty scary houses. But as it always does, it worked out and while I do loathe greenbrier and their fabulous drivers, thats where we will be. A safe school for my boy and minutes from family and friends which will be pretty crucial in this next season we will most likely be entering..

Which I can't touch on now, but it means big changes for our family that will hopefully benefit us long term.

Ben had a rough month back in December as far as his health goes. In order to rule out co-infections in lyme disease, you really need to try and treat them and see how your body responds. It was pretty obvious that he had one, and one of the antibiotics he was on completely depleted his white blood count, which made him very sick and weak the way he was back in September. It was hard on all of us to see him better for a while and then sick again, but after getting his meds changed he was feeling better the next week and has continued to improve since. We are currently ruling out on last co-infection, seeing how he responds and hoping that in maybe a month or so he can be solely on herbal treatments.

The kids are doing great, wild and crazy as ever and always keeping me on my toes but thank the good Lord...they sleep at night.

And me...I'm doing ok. I never want to be a negative person, but I have also allowed myself not to pretend I have it all together anymore. I'm still in a season...I feel like we're coming out of it but maybe still nursing some wounds. God has been so faithful to me...He's been there and I've felt His presence during the times I've needed it most. Thats really all I can ask for...

Some days are hard but when I look at the big picture and all these things working together...I can't be anything but thankful..

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  1. What honesty... thank you for sharing! New fan of a fellow God-mama. :)