Feb 10, 2014

Eden is 9 months!

At your 9 month well check you were 14.12 pounds and nearly 28 inches long which put you at the 5th percentile for weight (thats up from the 2nd percentile back in december) and 50th percentile for height. So you are doing well! If you follow this curve, you'll probably be 15 pounds and some change at a year...just like your momma! You are definitely a petite little thing.

You started waving a few weeks ago..you shake your head and dance. You can scoot backwards on your butt, and also crawl backwards which sometimes gets you stuck under the couch.

Your eating everything these days. Pastas, sandwhiches, you name it! Still giving you purees for those tricky textures when it comes to fruit and veggies. 

You've got 4 teeth and 2 that will be through any day. Your handling these ones better than you did the first two though. You're still pretty clingy but lately you will go to other people so that definitely helps. You love the ladies in the nursery at church and I can pass you off to almost anyone. 

Youre doing so much better with naps. Some days I can get you to take 2, 2 hour naps! And you still sleep from 7pm-7:30am (ish)

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  1. What a tiny peanut! I think her and Avi are the same height but Avi is closer to 19 pounds! Such a cutie! I wish we were sleeping 12 hours at night and two naps a day lol. Go momma!