Jan 13, 2014

Eden is 8 months!

Well the picture really says it all. You were a very unhappy little girl this past month. I went back and forth so many times about whether to stop nursing for fear that you were hungry. I think it was a combo of my supply being low, you getting your top two teeth and dealing with some separation anxiety.

I feel like in the last few days, we got the hunger part down which has really made a difference, and your teeth have cut through so now we just deal with you crying whenever you think mommy is going to leave your side.

You're eating everything these days. Kinda picky when it comes to baby food, yet you'll eat most of those foods if they are steamed.
You love music and start "dancing" whenever a song you like comes on.
We got your ears pierced! They healed up great and you look so cute with them.

You are still being lazy with the rolling, attempting to crawl or any of that fun stuff that will just lead to messes eventually so I'm not stressing over it.

You love other babies, baby dolls, all your brothers toys and my cell phone cover.

You're still a tiny little peanut weighing in at 13.11 fully clothed. You had RSV this past month and slept for an entire two days. It was the most pitiful thing but I enjoyed the extra cuddles.

You still sleep great. 7pm-7:30am. Your nursing 7,10,1,4,7 ish...eating 3 solid meals a day and taking two naps.

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  1. Her sleep schedule is awesome! And she keeps looking more and more like you!