Dec 2, 2013

No greater love

This verse came to mind last night as I was going to bed. I was thinking about how earlier in the day, while I was making the boy's cupcakes for their party, I was getting really annoyed by the fighting between the two of them, while they bumped into me and asked me 15 questions in less than 30 seconds. 
It's usually after they've gone to bed for the night, that I start to think about the way I reacted during the day.

A lot of times I feel sorry for myself, or make excuses like how I'm an introvert and it's acceptable to feel the way I do. 
Having to say "yep. mmhmm. wow. thats great. yes I see" when I'd rather say nothing.
I read once that an average 4 year old asks 400+ questions a day. So between the two boys, I am probably asked somewhere between 600-800 questions, while the baby wants to be attached to me every waking moment of her day. 
The truth is, I would be happy to sit alone with a cup of coffee and a book in a quiet house. 
I feel stretched and overwhelmed and when I'm the last person to eat, and have to listen to the baby cry for me while I literally inhale food, sometimes I don't even feel human or that I matter.

Motherhood can be rewarding. Those sweet smiles, hugs and kisses are what I live for. But most days, it's demands, messes and discipline. 

It's a struggle...but I felt Him reminding me..No greater love.

There's the validation
The motivation to keep going..and with a positive outlook

The daily laying down of my life, my needs, sleep, wants and desires for the most ungrateful little people. 
I know there is no greater thing I could be doing right now.  
There is weight in this and it matters

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  1. I've been there, today actually. With my oldest sick, middle one crazy hyper and the baby want just me all day. It was a tough one, nothing got done and I'm exhausted. But I need some quiet time to regroup before I go to bed and then start all over again. Thank you for the reminder that there is no more important job I could be doing. Hugs mama.