Dec 16, 2013

Eden is 7 months!

Well, you certainly don't look it. I was looking at side by side pictures from last month and you don't look any bigger nor do you fill on the same onesie any better.

Last month at your well visit, the doctor suggested we start supplementing with formula because you were no longer growing at a curve. You've always been on the small side, but you stopped growing even at your own pace. We went in for a weight check and you just barely hit 13 pounds *sigh* so despite my efforts, I think we would all be happier if we added some bottles. I feel guilt about it either way, but I feel like I did give it a good shot and you have been a very healthy little girl so far.

You are very clingy to me during the day. It doesn't bother me because I love holding you, but not a lot gets done around the house.

This past month when I was pushing you in your stroller, you looked up at me and said "mama". Both your brothers said "dada" first so this was especially exciting.

You're a little behind in rolling and will probably be a late crawler, but you seem to be on track everywhere else. You've got two bottom teeth, and it looks like the top two will be through soon. You're nursing 6 times a day and having 3 solid (pureed) meals, and you can snack on breads and crackers.

You still don't nap consistently but you do sleep 7pm-7:30am!

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