Nov 3, 2013

Trick or Treat 2013

This year it was just our little family of 5 and my mom for trick or treating. We had plans to go with more family, and then friends, but we ended up not doing anything we planned and decided to keep it low key.

Kingston ran up to each house..."Hi, my name is kingston. This is my brother Wes. We're spiderman"

They didn't care that our plans didn't work was all about us and I was able to really see it. Focus completely in the joy on their faces.

Lately..I've felt God tugging, removing things that I've clung to, and getting "me" out of the way so I could see what has been right before my eyes. As funny as it sounds, halloween was no exception. God has strengthened my family, through some challenging times and they are the ones I'll always choose first.

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