Sep 13, 2013

The good stuff

Ben asked me the other day why I stopped blogging. I told him because I typically would update on fun things, or days we spent together as a family, and the last few months haven't felt that way. I haven't had enough strength to see any of the good most days, even though it hasn't been all bad...

And then during a conversation with a close friend, I asked her why we always remember the hard times and so easily forget all the good stuff mixed in there.

I guess this is my unofficial return to blogging.
Sometimes sharing the real things on your heart make you more relatable, and one thing I've learned lately is that if you don't let people in and pretend you can handle it all...they will never know you can't.

I know Ben and I would not have gotten this far without the love and support from so many people. For the past few years I've tried to have the mindset that if we keep our hands open and give from our resources, God would always provide for us.
Never did I imagine I'd have to learn to open my hands in different way...and receive.
It hasn't been easy for me...but very healing

Right now I'm thankful for my beautiful family, that is mostly healthy and without a doubt, will be rock solid after all of this.

I know what it's like to not have friends, but today I do and I'm blessed that they care enough to make my birthday this weekend something special.
I'm thankful that after looking over our finances today...we will make it. There might not be birthday parties or Christmas gifts, but it's more than what some have...and I believe that God knows my heart and how I love to bless around those seasons so I'm praying He will provide a way.
But most importantly....that I'm able to be thankful and take the time to see the good...because it's always there...


  1. Enjoy your birthday ~ you deserve it! Hang in there...

  2. I know you have mentioned this before but where do you get your headbands with bows???

  3. Hi Lesley, I am a newer follower of your blog. I think you have a sweat family. Love the pictures, how cute :) I think you have many inspirational blog post, so welcome back. I think it is important to share the real things on your heart. I do know that it might not always be easy but God is always with us through everything.

    Happy Birthday!!!! Hope you had the best day ever :)