Sep 10, 2013

Eden is 4 months!

and that was 3 days ago... #thirdkidproblems

What a month! Your 3rd month flew right on by. You're giggling, and smiling and the friendliest little thing. It's almost as if you demand attention from others. When we meet someone new you give them the biggest smile and stare them down until you get their attention.
This month you started grabbing toys, are mesmerized by your hands and you've taken up growling. It's hilarious and fits your spunky personality so well.
You still think I'm the greatest thing in the world, but everyone else is okay too and as long as someone is giving you undivided're happy. Not spoiled at all...

I guess you're taking after your mama weighing in at only 12 pounds and 6oz, and exactly 2 feet tall. Which puts you at the 15% for weight and 25% for height.

You are finally sleeping consistently through the night. I know I say finally like your a year old but your brothers definitely showed you up in that department. You are unswaddled and in your big girl crib and at night when daddy and I go and check on you we always say that you're praising the Lord since your arms are always straight up above your head, palms open.

This month you'll be starting some physical therapy for torticollis in your neck. Nothing major, just gotta make sure we correct it before it even becomes an issue.

You're getting so fun. I absolutely love the age your at now sweet girl!

Current schedule:
6:00am Feed and back to bed (but twice this week you slept till 7:30, and that was awesome)
9:00am Feed / Play
10:30am Nap
12:00 Feed / Play
1:30pm Nap
3:00pm Feed / Play
4:30 Nap
6:00 Feed / Play
6:30 Short Nap
8:00 Feed
8:15-8:30 Bedtime