Jul 8, 2013

Eden - 2 months!

It's really starting to get fun with this little girl. She's smiling and squeeling. She knows her mommy and daddy and gets a little fussy after a few minutes of someone else holding her. Her face is changing so much I even think she looks a little bit like me. She's really good at keeping her head up and she loves the water!

I think it's so sweet how all 4 of us are just so in love with her. There isn't any jealousy and she is rarely called Eden, instead everyone just calls her baby. I think it's gonna stick :)

She still isn't napping great during the day, unless we're at the beach but we got her sleep during the night back on track.

She moved to her room about a week ago. We tried the crib a few nights which she did seem to like but since she gets pretty gassy (maybe even a bit of reflux) in the evenings we decided to keep her in the rock'n play sleeper a little bit longer and she slept better.

She's still nursing great! I've only given her about 3 bottles since she's been born. For me, it's such a huge accomplishment. Still taking it a month at a time though.

She's wearing 0-3 month clothes but not for long and I'm about to switch her to size 2 diapers. She's growing so fast! (faster than I remember the boys growing) I was late calling the doctor so she'll be 2.5 months by the time I get her in and find out her stats.

Her current schedule (obviously with a newborn it changes but I've been following her and as she's been extending her night time sleep we adjust the day time schedule)

5:45am - Feed then back to sleep
8:00am - Eat / Wake / Sleep
9:30am - Nap
11:00am - Eat / Wake / Sleep
12:30pm - Nap
2:00pm - Eat / Wake / Sleep
3:30pm - Nap
5:00pm - Eat / Wake / Sleep
6:30pm - Nap
8:00pm - Eat then bed time
11:00pm - Dream feed then she sleeps through till 5:45

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  1. what a sweet girl! Proud of you for sticking with it!