Jun 7, 2013


Baby girl is one month old today! Funny how much faster time flies when they aren't in your belly anymore.
Her name means delight + peach and we have surely gone through some trials this past month but she has brought so much joy in the midst of it all. Ben and I both have said that when we've been feeling stressed out, all we have to do is pick her up and look at her little face and we feel peace. All four of us are pretty high strung and can be a little intense at times and she is the perfect balance we needed.

Everyone keeps asking how life is with three little ones...or how the transition has been. I haven't noticed much of a transition. And thats a good thing because I didn't mentally prepare for one...

Life takes a little more planning ahead...but for the most part she has fit right into our lives and seems to love all the things we do

Here's an overload of insta's from the past few weeks...



  1. I don't think she could get any cuter!!!

  2. She is sooo adorable. Looking at these pics makes me even more anxious for my little one to get here. Visiting from The Pleated Poppy's blog hop.