Jun 8, 2013

Eden's one month old!

Eden, you are such a blessing to us. This first month with you hasn't really flown by too fast. I think because I've been making it a point to really enjoy you since I know how quickly you'll grow.

I'm getting to know you, and already your becoming pretty predictable. You rarely cry and as soon as your needs are met, you're content.

You're in size 1 diapers and mostly in 0-3 clothes with the exception of a few newborn outfits and onesies.
You love bath time, your brothers, laying on your play mat, being swaddled.
You like your paci to help you sleep but then you spit it out and don't make us play the "paci game" too often.
You're not a big fan of tummy time (but what baby is?) but you tolerate it. Not sure it's doing much since you just lay there though..
Daddy and I have noticed you've been making eye contact with us lately and turning your head toward our voices. Seems like you're trying to smile...I know it's coming soon!

Your days, the past two weeks have looked like this (with the exception of a growth spurt where you wanted to eat every 2-2.5 hours for a day)

8:30am - Eat / Wake / Sleep
11:00am - Eat / Wake / Sleep
2:00pm - Eat / Wake / Sleep
5:00pm - Eat / Wake / Sleep
8:00pm - Eat / Sleep
11:00pm - Eat / Sleep
3:00am - Eat / Sleep
6:00am - Eat / Sleep

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