May 20, 2013

How it's going...

Heyyyyy...I've missed updating. Of course it's been busy around here, but I've just been so focused on spending time with everyone, there just never seems to be any left to respond to comments, emails or even update this blog.
I know how quickly these babies grow so I'm trying to soak up every minute of this newborn stage.

And Eden is the most delicious, sweetest, snuggliest, laid back newborn ever. Seriously...she's perfect. I keep waiting for her to snap out of her quiet and sweet disposition and show her true colors, and she still might, but even during her wake times she just looks at you and is content. Hey..maybe it is possible for me to have a laid back child...

The hardest thing I've found with having three is there being enough time and attention for each of them. Physically it isn't much different since it was pretty busy before we had Eden, but I have this constant feeling of guilt if I do anything but spend time with them, and I worry that I'm not giving one enough attention..but I know Eden will need less of me in the coming weeks and it will all balance out.

If your not interested in schedules...then just scroll down and look at some cute pictures :) If you are, I posted our schedule below..

Eden is already pretty consistent and a great sleeper. She'll be two weeks tomorrow. The first few weeks I just follow their routines but I make sure to wake her every 3 hours during the day (to help her get her days and nights in order) and every 5 during the night (while I'm establishing my milk supply). My goal is to at least have the last feeding be 9pm and have her asleep by 10pm every night. This is the just of her days since we've had her home from the hospital..

9am - feed / wake / sleep

12pm- feed / wake / sleep

3pm - feed / wake / sleep

6pm - feed / try to keep her awake for 2 hours / short nap

9pm - feed / change diaper / put to bed (no wake time)

1-2am - Feed one side / change diaper / feed second side till she falls asleep and put back to bed

5-6am - Feed one side / change diaper / feed second side till she falls asleep and put back to bed

She really does follow this pretty consistently. Her wake times aren't very long...about 15-30 minutes. There were a few feedings she wanted earlier than the 3 hour mark, which she of course got and we just adjusted and tried to still end our day at the same time and it worked out. Also I make sure to set my alarm during the night because there were 2 nights she went 6-7 hours between feedings.

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