Apr 12, 2013

The little things

We got a little taste of summer this week. Temps were in the 80's. I even had to turn the AC in the house on and we either got slushes from sonic or made them at home every day. Felt so good to feel that sunshine but it had me thankful that I don't have to endure the heat with this big belly for too much longer.


We (Ben) got the yard in order, house painted and new running boards put on my truck.


The boy's last soccer game is tomorrow. It was the perfect amount of time because I think we're all done with it :)

I've been having dreams about Eden coming early and being totally unprepared. Like not having bags packed for the boys or even a sitter to keep them. So to set my mind at ease I plan do get everything somewhat together in the next week, and then if she does decide to be stubborn like her brothers and wait until her eviction, I can at least relax knowing we are ready.


I took the boys to the beach last night for about an hour. It was the first of many nights I know we'll spend there this summer. There is no where else we want to be during the warm months.


I'm looking forward to a beautiful weekend. It sure makes these last few weeks of pregnancy a lot more tolerable.

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  1. Oh my, must be nice! It is suppose to be spring but for some reason someone missed the memo and we are under a winter storm warning with about 10 cm of snow already :/ BOOO! I would much rather have your beautiful weather! Lucky girl :P

  2. The everyday moments are so often the best! Love the pic of watching planes! Blessings as you look toward the arrival of your little girl!