Apr 2, 2013

DIY Burlap Banner (no sew)

Well here I go again with another easy peasy tutorial for all you challenged in the crafty department like myself.

When I was browsing through poses I wanted for our maternity pictures, I came across a few with some cute little burlap pennant style banners and thought "how hard could that be?. Well guess what...it's not hard at all. I didn't want to drag out the sewing machine so my glue gun was going to have to work. I had almost everything on hand except the burlap and ribbon so this cost me less than $10.

What you will need:
- Twine/Ribbon
- Burlap/Fabric of your choice
- Stencils
- Paint
-Sponge brush
- Glue gun
- 30 minutes

 photo IMG_5164_zps6b9b6358.jpg

I borrowed some construction paper from the boys to use as a template. I kept the burlap folded the way I bought it and it was super easy to cut this way. 

 photo IMG_5162_zps1ba4ffa6.jpg

Once I had enough pennants cut out (thank goodness she has a short name) I laid the twine in the crease of the burlap and glued it together.

 photo IMG_5167_zpsa67c1465.jpg

Next up. I used a sponge brush to stencil the letters of her name on each pennant. Then I added some ribbon to the ends for an extra pop of color...

 photo IMG_5169_zps45f73cfe.jpg

And voila! 

 photo IMG_5484_zps80c64834.jpg

I told you it was easy and the banner got used a few different ways. At our baby shower, maternity pictures and now it hangs pretty in her nursery.


  1. Aw this is so cute! I can't wait to see little Eden! I think we have the same curtains :)

  2. ummm I was just telling Jon that I want to make one of these. She has a long name though...

    1. Might want to make your pennants a lot smaller or get two yards haha!