Apr 4, 2013

Dear Middle Child

My sweet Weston Cole,

My baby boy. 
My little look alike.
I've always known you would be our middle child, and so I've made myself aware and intentional about making you feel wanted and just as loved as your older brother and soon to be little sister. 
It's not an easy role. 
I've been there. 
And as much as I want to protect you from ever feeling those "middle child feelings" I'm afraid all I have are words that I hope you will believe.
I was the second girl in my family and a baby brother was born after me. 
There is always a lot of attention from others centered around a new baby but I think even more so when that baby is a different gender. 

I hope you never feel that from your mom and dad though.
You are so important to us
So many families are blessed with a boy and girl, but your dad and I always considered you our bonus baby. 
We got you right in the middle and at just the right time in our lives, and we couldn't feel more thankful. 

You shine and hold your own. 
You don't allow us to let your needs go unnoticed but you are sweet and sensitive and the most cuddly little boy. 
At 2.5 years old I'm in no hurry to see you grow up and so I let you carry your two blankets around the house and suck on your fingers. 

You'll always be my baby boy. 

We love you for you little one.

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  1. Such a lovely post! I'm sure your sweet boy does and always will feel special and very, very much loved.

  2. Very sweet! It's obvious that you are trying to be intentional about not allowing Weston to feel lost in the middle, and I think he will recognize that. Recently, I have been writing to Jack about being a second born of the same gender. I was the second girl (and youngest child), so I always felt that my parents had wished I was a boy. I hope I can keep Jack from feeling those things since he is our second boy--I want him to know that he is just as special and exciting as our first boy.

    1. I think I would have appreciated letters or things like that. I know Jack will too :)