Mar 22, 2013

The little things

I hope I get another burst of energy before miss Eden arrives, because this week I've been pretty useless taking multiple naps a day and falling asleep by 9pm. There is still quite a bit to be done, but it might just not get done if I can't get myself together.


- Last week before I got sick (strep throat) I was able to clean out Eden's closet to make room for her things
- I got the first pedicure I think I've had in years. Almost fell was heaven. I think I'll get another one before she comes.
- Kingston had his first soccer game. He refused to play.
- I had my baby shower and got all her new stuff put away


- Last weekend our worship team recorded a few songs. I was having such a terrible time with my voice but I pushed through it. Little did I know I had strep :/
- One of my sweet friends got me a few Lush bath bombs for my shower. Feeling so achey and cold I used two in two days.
- I'm so glad we did these "wishes for baby' at the shower. I loved going through and reading what everyone wrote and I know she'll love to read them one day too.
- Weston can't wait to play soccer. He says "I play soccer too!" in the cutest little voice...precious
- Reached 32 weeks
- Found a cute little place for this DIY tier stand I made


- We celebrated the first day of spring with free italian ice from Rita's
- Kingston loved getting to work on music with daddy

Right now I'm just finishing my coffee, watching wreck it ralph with the boys and then the day gets busy running errands, lunch with my mom and laundry. This weekend Kingston has a soccer game and we're getting maternity pictures taken...and then I give myself permission to wear sweats and yoga pants from here on out.


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  3. haha! look how cute weston is and i want one of those Lush things..never heard of it.