Feb 1, 2013

The little things

Our weather guys were actually right last weekend about the snow. We got a legit 1-2 inches. I was at a friends house for about 20 minutes and walked outside to this...

And on the drive home Kingston said "it's gonna be christmas again!!!"

This was on Friday, and wouldn't you know that on Tuesday it was almost 70 degrees and sunny. Virginia weather. Different season every day.


So the top secret date Ben had planned completely blew me away...

We dropped the kids off, had a nice dinner together and then once we were done he handed me a card that he somehow was able to sneak past me while walking into the restaurant. If you watch the bachelor at all...then you know what the fantasy suite is all about...this guy made me a card like that with a room key to a hotel!

It doesn't end there though (I promise I'll spare you the details). After we stopped for coffee we headed to the hotel and when I walked in the room he had the song we danced to at our wedding playing, rose petals all over the place, wine, clothes packed for me.

Is this real life? After almost 7 years of marriage, 2.5 babies and all the day to day stresses... he still pursues me...there really are no words.


We picked up the babies in the morning and the four of us went out for donuts and then home to play in the snow.


We picked out our stroller and ordered it. It should arrive today!


Weston has been ready to potty train for a few months...

Me? not so much but I finally decided to just go for it. I took his diaper off, set the potty in the living room and the rest is really history. He's basically a genius at it and hasn't had one accident since starting. Although today the 3-day trial will be somewhat interrupted because I have errands to run, so we'll see how well he does with pants on.

And I leave you with a cute little ice cream creation. Could be a bear, or a mouse or whatever your little heart decides it to be. But the kids love them, so you should make them :)


Who's ready to pig out on super bowl sunday?
*raises hand*

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  1. What a sweet husband- that's wonderful!! It looks like you have been having fun. Which stroller did you get? We are still needing to get our double stroller

  2. That is just the sweetest thing, ever!!

  3. That is seriously sweet. Aren't good husbands the best? I'm blessed with one of those, too. Oh and you are the most adorable pregnant lady ever :)

  4. What a sweetie! Glad you two make time for each other like this :)

  5. How is the potty training going?