Feb 21, 2013

Psalm 23

I've mentioned that this year was going to bring new things for me.
Yes, we're having another baby but I knew that I would discover things about myself and hopefully grow from it.


I've realized that some of the things I originally thought were flaws have helped me more in the past month which makes me think, if I used these characteristics of my personality in a good way, they could actually be strengths.


Knowing when to speak, and when not to.
Knowing what to share and what to take to God.
Trusting certain parts of your heart to the correct people, and being open when it benefits everyone. 
This is what He's teaching me. 
This is what I've learned by watching others and from my own mistakes.


I think psalm 23 is just one of those passages that is relevant to everyone.
Every time I come across it, it speaks to me.
I like to dissect scriptures and write out what they mean to me personally...

You are my shepherd
You meet every need above and beyond what I could ask of you or even think I need
You give me seasons of rest and you overwhelm my heart with peace and contentment
After long, lonely and painful seasons you are faithful and renew my strength
You never left my side during dark times and I always came out stronger and wiser

I get it wrong again and again
I'm so undeserving yet you shower me with blessing 
Others look on and wonder why someone like me is being blessed
I wonder it myself but I know I could never earn it so I just receive and say you are good

I'm always looking every where else to find peace and happiness 
but you never stop in your pursuit for my heart
You are there with open arms the moment I turn around
I will be with you forever

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  1. So beautiful! I love this post! You have such a tender heart and calming spirit!