Feb 14, 2013

New Meaning

This day has new meaning to me...

I never understood when people would say "marriage takes work" because I always felt that Ben and I's relationship was so effortless. 
We've always been great friends and get along and laugh together more than most couples I know. 
So the thought that he felt there was something missing in our marriage really blindsided me a few months ago. 
At first I was really shocked and somewhat defensive, but after hearing his heart I was willing to see what would happen if I opened up more to him...

I cant believe how little it took to see such a dramatic change in our relationship. 
I never knew that after 6.5 years of marriage I could love him more than the day I married him. 
I didn't know that marriage could be more than just good, but that it could be just as exciting in the "fill your tummy with butterflies" kind of way as when you were dating. 

I've learned that you get out of it, as much as you put into it. 
It does take work, but not really "work"... more like effort. 
It takes selflessness and patience and with all the heartbreak I've watched people I care about go through in the past year, I don't take one second for granted.

You are worth it
You are patient with me 
You know me
You pursue me 
You love me
I believe it

I promise to do the same

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  1. i love this post, it is SO True and I am so happy that you guys are incredibly happy and so in love:):)

    I hope you have a great Valentine's day:):)

  2. Sounds like you have an amazing relation, congratulations!

  3. I love you guys! You challenge Jon and I to do the same just by your actions :)

  4. I believe God wants to do amazing things with our marriages...if we just let Him!! It's true that oftentimes our first response is to take the defense. You are so right though...it's so great what He can do if we open up! So happy for you!!