Feb 17, 2013

Little Gems **Giveaway**

Ok guys. One of my best friends is guest posting for me today AND offering a pretty sweet giveaway! She started making some beautiful bows and headbands after having her cute little girl last summer (which I have yet to meet) and I'm so excited I'm finally having a little girl so I can get my hands on some of these adorable things!

Anyway...go check out her blog, and be sure to enter for your chance to win something from her shop!


I am really excited to be here today on Everyday Moments! 
I'm Tiffany and I blog over at Little Gems. I am a wife to Jonathan and a Mommy to Emerald (hence the "Gems"). When I am not hanging out with my cute family or blogging I can be found making super adorable little girl headbands and bows in my Etsy shop Little Gems Creations . Speaking of that I have a really cool giveaway for you today but first let me tell you how I know Lesley.

Lesley and I met 8 years ago..wow 8 years ago! We were roommates for 6 months and formed a friendship that I think has surprised us both. 8 years, 2 proposals, 2 weddings, 3.5 kids ( 2.5 for her and 1 for me) later we still text (because she hates talking on the phone as much as I do) each other all the time and visit when we can. She helps me figure out how to be a first time mom because she's a pro and I am helping her not be afraid to shop in the little girls section. I adore her kids and our men get along so well. Hopefully there is a trip in the works for this summer so we can meet Miss Eden and my daughter can meet her future husband. Kidding...but that would be pretty neat. Now get ready for some embarrassing photos of us through the years. Some of our first photos are so old I only have hard copies of them and I am too lazy to scan them so these photos start about the time cell phone cameras came on the scene. 

Lesley's Hubby flew me out to Virginia for her surprise birthday party
What a guy

Visiting Va. Beach

Shopping. Something we are really good at. Why are we standing by a bull?

 Us at my Bridesmaids luncheon before my wedding (I'm the blond one and Lesley is beside me)

Us on a trip to Busch Gardens in Va.
Check out my shades. Ha!

My husband with Kingston when he was itty bitty

My hubby and I with Weston when they visited IHOP in Kansas City

 Us having coffee at the place our friendship started :)

that settles it
We need more recent pictures

So now for the Giveaway. I am giving away to one lucky winner their headband of choice from my shop. And to further convince you, here are some pictures of what you could choose from. Or just visit my shop here and have a look around!

Just use the raffle-copter below and Enter away!

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  1. Hello!

    I just came across your blog from Little Gems and the giveaway it I've read some of your posts about marriage and the effort it takes to maintain a great, not just good, one. Good job on recognizing that!

    New follower!


  2. I really like the vintage floral and aqua headband! Actually, there are a lot of great ones and really good prices. :)

  3. I love the vintage flower and ivory headband!