Feb 26, 2013

A little summer to get me through the winter

I recently went through all the pictures we took last summer. 
It was the best one I can ever remember.

The days we would spend hours just relaxing on the beach while the kids played
They were happy and hardly told "no"
I miss feeling sunkissed and picking up iced coffees and slurpees on our way home

Our evening bike rides
Ben getting home at 4:30 and feeling like we still had the whole day together
BBQ's in the backyard and friends over
Walking to get froyo

We've been cooped up in the house for nearly 10 days because Kingston came down with shingles.
Heart wrenching..let me tell you. 
That child has made my heart stop a hundred times since he's been born by all the close calls, boo boo's and even stitches but seeing him in that much pain was pretty unbearable.

And so... with all the gloomy, cold and rainy weather and feeling stuck indoors with my sick little family...I'm dreaming of summer...


My beach babies..


  1. Awww, bless y'all. We are dreaming of summer here too. It simply can't get here soon enough. I think I am a lot happier in the summer. lol.

    I hate he got the shingles. :(

  2. Poor baby on the shigles I cant even imagine. We are soo excited for summer over here too...come on already!

    You honetly have the cutest boys ever.

  3. Summer will be here before you know it. But first Eden. Looking forward to seeing your baby girl come May.
    I'm thinking I'll enjoy summer this year. A 1st in ten years. No humidity and no scorching disgusting summer days here in Washington. Can hardly wait for that!

  4. Shingles? poor baby and momma! Hope he is feeling better. I definitely want summer soon, too. :)

  5. We've been getting the summer itch too! This winter is starting to feel so long! I hope your little guy feels better. Such cute summer photos! Just think this summer you will have your baby girl to join the fun :)

  6. I can't wait til we can take all our kiddies to the beach together!

  7. Shingles are awful! I just went through it, so I feel for your poor kiddo! Although, your summer sounds like it was glorious!! I'm stopping by from the GFC blog hop.

    - Carmen

  8. I love these photos--can't wait til it's warm again! I'm a new follower from Mommy Moments! Stop by if you have time :)

    Holly, http://mymommyandwifelife.blogspot.com