Dec 31, 2012

Wishes for the new year

My dear friend Tiffany tagged me to list 5 wishes for the new year. I mean.. I planned on writing a post like this anyway so I'm glad she did. I knew what one of them would be, but I really had to think about this. Here they are

Open Up... It's kind of a personal thing to share, but this year God revealed something to me about myself that really needed to change and that is only opening my heart up half way in almost every one of my relationships, including my marriage. When friendships get to a certain point, I find myself starting to need space and backing out in a sense. I don't intentionally shut down of have fear of being hurt, I'm sure it's more of a subconscious thing. The only ones I feel completely open to with my guard let down at all times are my children, which is understandable because children are so accepting. So it's something I really want God to help me with.

Read More...I love reading and I miss it so much. I always feel so distracted with the kids that I can't quiet my mind enough to focus on reading. I hope to change that!

De clutter and Organize...There is clutter everywhere!! I want to go through this house top to bottom and purge half of it. I feel overwhelmed with all the baby stuff that will soon take over again. I need to get a handle on this before that happens. Plus rooms need to be moved around to make room...but I will make it work. I always do :)

Save for Ben's new car...Last year we saved up enough cash to buy my honda pilot so now it's Ben's turn! I can't wait for him to have a 4 door car and room for a couple car seats.

Nurse Eden for at least 6 months...don't hate me, but I dislike nursing with a passion. It's not a natural thing for me. I feel uncomfortable, pain, isolated, like all the work falls to me and after the nightmare of nursing I had with Kingston (who I nursed through infection after infection for 6 months while he struggled to gain weight) I hardly tried with Weston. I'm hoping and praying it will be different this time. I really want to since I know I probably wont get another chance to do it, and I have a lot of guilt for not sticking it out longer with Weston. Fingers crossed!

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  1. Great resolutions! I'd love you to come and link up with my post? :)

  2. Awesome goals!! I'm so there with the de-cluttering!! Good luck with the nursing!!

  3. Really good list. I second the reading one. I want to add that to mine. I so hope you have a better experience nursing. Just know that if you don't, you're still the best mommy for Little Eden.

  4. Great Resolution list for this upcoming year! Can't wait to see that little girl of your in 2013 too!

  5. How do you like your Honda Pilot? I want one!

  6. Ooh.. thanks for tagging me! I was going to do a post like this too, so now I have to. ;) I feel you on your struggles with nursing. I had such difficulties with Jaxson and was dreading doing it with Kendra, but luckily it was a completely different experience; like night and day and I was able to do it for 11 months! I far surpassed my original goal and was so proud. With that said, it isn't for everyone or every baby. You do what's best for you two. :)