Dec 28, 2012

The little things

Hard to believe Christmas has come and gone. I'm having a difficult time getting back into some sort of routine, but I think I'm just gonna go with it since Ben will be home for another four days starting tomorrow and then next week will probably seem off with the Holiday. 

How was your christmas? Our was really nice. It was the first year that we spent the whole morning at home with just the four of us, instead of heading to my parents right away. I enjoyed it, taking our time and having coffee. Letting the kids open their gifts at their own pace and making them all a big breakfast. Hard to imagine that this was the last christmas I'll spend with just "my boys".


Ben did really good on my gifts this year. My favorite one was this box he put together for me. The front is a napkin from our wedding, and inside is filled with some of my blog posts, letters from him, pictures of us as teens, concert stubs, ultrasound pictures. 9 years of memories. Add some pregnancy hormones to the mix and I was a mess. I still can't even go through it all...


The day after christmas was my 20 week ultrasound. They are still saying girl, and I think it finally set in for me. I'm having a girl. And I'm so so excited. We also decided to stay in our home another year, so I'll be able to make a nursery for her.


My brothers girlfriend is so sweet and talented. She painted these pictures for the boys for Christmas, and they absolutely love them. 


Have a great weekend!
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  1. I am in love with those hats and I can't believe she drew those pics! Amazing.

  2. love the boys' pictures. and love your striped top. i feel like i can't find cute maternity clothes. stopping by from InstaFriday. happy new year!