Dec 7, 2012

The little things

We had a week full of christmassy things. There is so much to do this time of year, I kind of hate the way I feel once it's all over. But for now...I'm really enjoying it. 


- Last Friday we took the boys to see the Christmas Coleman collection. They were so in love with the train they actually reached over the little gate and knocked it off it's track.


- Ben and our friend Ryan have birthdays a few weeks apart, so we all got together for dinner to celebrate.
- Since the boys stayed the night at my moms, we stopped by dunkin donuts on the way to get them the next morning. I don't get dunkin coffee enough. It's my favorite.
- This dog...with all her issues


- The boys got cold stone gift cards for their birthdays. So since it was nearly 70 degrees on Tuesday I took them to the park and for ice cream. 


- We have a tacky christmas sweater party to go to later this month. What do you think? We have a pretty good chance at winning huh?
- This is the onesie we used to tell my parent's the gender. Before the ultrasound I went out to by a boy something and a girl something, then after the ultrasound I would just throw whichever shirt in the bag and head to dinner to tell my parents. Well I ended up leaving the store with only one onesie, and thankfully I was right :)


- Every year we go to the botanical gardens and drive through their christmas lights display. This year we packed another family of four in our car and split the cost. I love my honda pilot!


- And yesterday I spent the day making cookies with my boys. They were done after decorating 5 cookies, and left me with the other 30 to do. It was awesome. not. But now I have lots of cookies to eat.



  1. looks like a fun week!! i love dunkin donuts coffee too!!

  2. Looks like y'all are having fun

  3. I have never had dunkin donuts coffee before. We don't have one near here, I guess. Looks like a great week full of lots of fun stuff. I need to find a tacky Christmas sweater too, my bunco group is doing that next week!

  4. ugly christmas sweater parties are the best! you guys look pretty decked out; i think you might have a chance. :-) stopping by from the link up.

  5. Sugar cookies are such a pain to make, but my littlest one just asked if we could make some this year. Guess I'll be using the rolling pin and cookie cutters myself this week. Gotta enjoy all those "little things!". Thanks for sharing!

  6. can I come stay at your house? seriously you make Christmas so special for your family!

  7. laughing at your dog comment.

    rejoicing with you over this new life our Lord has created within you.

    over from the little things link up

  8. So much fun love taking the kids to see Christmas light and activities.