Nov 16, 2012

Fridays Letters

Dear Weekend - I'm so glad your finally here. I've only been planning my boys barnyard birthday party for 3 months and I can't wait to see it all unfold tomorrow. 
Dear Belly - you are carrying a 14 week baby not a 25 weeker, so calm down already. We've got a long ways to go.
Dear Round Ligament Pain - Holy crap! Thanks for keeping me pinned to the couch in pain for 30 minutes last night. I wasn't starving with my dinner sitting in the kitchen or anything.
Dear Trees - You're bright red and orange and yellow and you make me happy.
Dear Thanksgiving - I haven't forgotten about you. No christmas until after thanksgiving and thats that.
Dear Black Friday - I've got my game plan. I'm ready. Lets do this.
Dear Boys - Waking up at 8:30am two days in a row made me love you even more. If that was even possible.
Dear Baby - We have a name for you. I can't wait to know which one it will be.
Dear Weston - It's potty training boot camp next week. I've got the potty. Be prepared.



  1. We did a barnyard birthday party for my son's 1st! Have a blast and I can't wait to see the pictures!

    Round ligament pain was the worst! :(

  2. For some reason my blogger hasn't been putting your newer posts up. Congratulations on your new baby!!!! I was just looking back and reading to get all up to date. I'm so excited for you. I pray you have a safe and easy pregnancy. Can't wait to hear what you are having :)

  3. Hello weekend so glad you are here!

  4. Congrats on your new little one! How exciting :) Hope the party is a lot of fun, too! Enjoy your weekend!

    Andrea -

  5. Hahaha...potty training bootcamp..

  6. Children sleeping in? What a concept! :) I wish mine would get on board with that. This time change is still screwing with them. :( hope the birthday party went well.