Nov 15, 2012


Lots of things have been swirling around in my head, and it kept me up last night but I knew that when I was letting myself go to places of feeling alone, or less than important, God was reeling me back in with truth.
Holidays and special days in our lives are supposed to fun and full of joy, but often it brings painful reminders to me of what I wish was different. How sometimes I just want these people to...well... care.

But I recognize these feelings for what they are and I choose instead to focus on the close knit family I do have. It's small, but it's amazing.

Growing up my mom would always remind us to choose our family over our friends, because friends change, and now more than I ever I know she was right. It brought me to tears because I was caught up on who wasn't there for me and I completely ignored who was and who always has been.
They are the one constant in my life, even through ups and downs.

There are so many things I'm thankful for, our home our health and all our provisions but this year I am so incredibly thankful for my family.

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  1. I too get caught up on putting too much thought into dwelling on who isn't there, and not enough time cultivating the relationships with those who ARE there.

  2. Your mom is right. Yes, family. I have to remind my older kids of this especially when they fight or argue. That they need to care for one another and be there for one another no matter what. Friends come and go and even the closest ones get busy ... they have families of their own and no one is going to be there for you 24/7 but family.
    Raising a teenage daughter has been very challenging at times because she would like to have the freedom of an 18 year old when she's only 15. Most of the time she's very understanding and knows that the things that I let her do or don't let her do are for her own good. At times she does get upset because she wishes she could hang out with friends all the time ... or she tells me that her friends moms let them do whatever they want. I tell her that I don't care about what her friends do. My daughter is very sweet and sometimes she wears her heart on her sleeve but I have to remind her not to be so trusting with friends because unfortunately things happen and they will backstab you. You know something. I have never told her "I told you so" because all I have to do whenever she comes across a new frienship that I don't approve of is pray to God that he will open her eyes to who that friend truly is and to protect her from harm. It's happened twice now that she's stopped talking to two friends because of who they really were but at the time she thought they were great friends.

    I'm the type of person that goes out of their way for someone. I like to mail out cards, buy sweet surprises and mail them out for no reason. I don't ever expect anything in return but as the years have gone by I've noticed that these so called friends never have done anything meaningful for me ... and sometimes I don't even get a thank you. Well, after contemplating whether I should continue to show affection or just stop I decided to stop. Unfortunately now I hardly hear from several of those friends. I guess they weren't good friends to begin with. It hurts but I've moved on and this has taught me to not depend on friends so much but to depend on family.

    "Be with people who know your worth. You don't need a lot of people to be happy, just a few real ones who appreciate you for who you are."

    Sending happy thoughts your way.

  3. Love the crafts :) My mom always used to say the same thing... when I was younger I didn't really see the wisdom in it, but now that we have a family of our own and most of my "friends" have their own lives and priorities, I can see how completely true it is! I hope you guys have a wonderful Thanksgiving!