Oct 9, 2012

Those Days

It's been rainy and cold here the last few days. I've had the windows open so I could hear the rain and let the cool air in. I love all the time we've had together now that summer is over and we've all slowed down. As much as I like fast paced, the days cuddled up on the couch in our pajamas with a blanket and no agenda are so good for us too.

I know I still have some time, but recently I've made it a point to stop and appreciate moments like that, because in a few years when the kids are in school, I'll probably go back to work, and I know I will long for the quiet days spent at home together. I worry that life will move too fast, and we'll be so busy and caught up with all we have to do that it will be hard for me to take the time to see them grow. I'm scared I'll miss something.

So for now, I savor these moments. I hold them tightly and treasure them. These days that nothing got done but coloring, watching movies or making brownies together.

They are priceless and I'm so thankful for them.


  1. So cute---and way to stay positive on these rainy days! Send some of those brownies this way:)


  2. I am kind of apprehensive about when my kids start school full time too. I don't want to miss out on anything either.

  3. Looks like you guys had fun! You know I love rainy, cold days too! Napping weather...except I don't nap as much these days :)