Oct 19, 2012

The Little Things


I'm looking forward to the time change. When is it? 

The boys have been getting up at 6:30 every morning. 
This morning I got broken sleep from 6:30-8:00am with Weston climbing in my bed every ten minutes for a kiss "keeeeeessssss". 
You can't really be annoyed with that, but somehow I managed to do so. 
I wish I was a morning person...

I used every ounce of energy in me to make this a good week. Ben has been gone a lot of nights so my days have been super long.
I took the boys for a walk every morning, I took them to the park and the library. We baked, and we colored and we read books together.

I hate when I feel like I have to try though. Sometimes I just want happiness and contentment to come naturally to me. 
I know I've grown a lot, and learned a lot of grace 
but I'm still learning. 

Anyway we are kicking this weekend off with a trip to the grocery store this afternoon, oh yea and definitely a nap at some point.

p.s. Why are toddlers always thirsty? Like, is this legit or are they bored, or do they just hate to see me sitting down?

TGIF...am I right?
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  1. Hi!
    Daylight savings time ends on November 4th. Which thankfully I don't feel the change because the time never changes in AZ.

    I'm not a morning person either so I know what you mean.
    It is apparent that you're the happiest when the sun shines and it's warm. Perhaps moving to Florida would be a good thing for you. I know there's not a Geico there but your husband can always try for an auto damage adjuster position. They mostly work out on the field or at the shop and could even possibly go home for lunch.
    Regarding the weather I'm the opposite. I love a cloudy sky and rain so living in Tucson has been extremely challenging for me. Thankfully my husband and kids also love cloudy rainy weather and hopefully soon I mean real soon we'll find out if there's going to be a change for us. I'll update on my blog as soon as I find out.

    I really wish you will find happiness and contentment each day. I know it's tough but all we can do is try ... try to stay positive for our childrens sake since they depend on us and learn from our behaviour.

    Sending happy thoughts your way. Take care.

  2. oh, i wish i was a morning person too!!
    yeah, my boys always seem thirsty too?!! lol!

  3. I love these Pics! I wish I could come spend a week with you. Looks fun to me :)

    1. Oh I wish you could too!! Maybe next year we can work something out. I need to see that baby girl and I miss my friend!

  4. I know what you mean.... Jax has had me up between 5 and 6am! Yuck! It never used to be that early. I have been one tired, grumpy momma lately. I also know what you mean about wanting to be content but finding it hard some days. I feel that way, a lot and I fear it may get worse now that our weather has turned. :(