Oct 12, 2012

The little things

Just a few pictures of what we've been up to lately..

Baby boy's first set of stitches. As a mom of boys, I've learned it's just something comes with the territory. 

Kingston has been living in his Captain Ameeeeerica costume...this may or may not have contributed to the stitches since he thinks he's a super hero now.

Here we are pumped and ready for a birthday party at Chuk E Cheese. Pumped I tell ya...no there is a good reason for that look on my face. I'll explain later..

Kingston has really gotten into Where's Waldo? books, and it's pretty impressive how quickly he finds Waldo on his own. 

I don't bake, but I did twice last week. Relax, it was just a few simple ingredients but these pumpkin cookies were the bomb.

This picture of Weston does crazy things to my emotions. Right after he was born, almost two years ago, Ben had taken Kingston out for the day to play in the leaves and he wore this exact same outfit and was the exact same age. Just another painful reminder of how quickly they grow..

Every single night this happens in the living room. Those boys don't know how good they have it.

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  1. My kiddos favorite thing to do is tackle daddy as soon as he comes in the door. :)

  2. Oh no, stitches! My little guy is 15 months and just had his first ER trip. I heard "welcome to the club" because apparently you're officially a BOY MOM when your little one has an ER trip, haha. Hope he's doing well now1

  3. poor kingston!! :( my boys like to wrestle dad too when he gets home!!

  4. I am so not ready for the bumps and bruises that come with little boys. Stitches?! I don't know how you did it!

  5. So sad his poor little chin. Hope he is feeling better! I'm scared that it comes with the territory. My little boy will probably ALWAYS be getting hurt! Booooo... :(