Oct 20, 2012

New Name

"The Floyd Boys" is now "Everyday Moments"

This little blog has needed a new name... basically since I came up with the first one.

 It was fine for a while but I'm happy to move on with something that feels more "me" since I am the one behind the whole thing :)

So if any of you were swapping buttons with me and would like to continue, please let me know! I went ahead and removed all the buttons since I'm starting over but would be happy to add yours again if you send me one that is 200x200.

And if we haven't swapped before and you would like to, well then shoot me and email!



  1. I love the new name and the new look. And I want to swap buttons!

  2. What a cute blog! I'm looking forward to reading more!
    Dropping by from the Live Laugh Rowe blog hop. :)

  3. I'd love to swap buttons! Check my blog out & let ne know what you th