Oct 25, 2012

Just the 3 of us

I took my little ones to the zoo yesterday. 
We usually make plans to go places like this with friends, but it was so nice getting to spend the day with my little guys, just the three of us. 

We took our time, and passed right by the exhibits none of us care to see. 
We got straight to the good stuff. 
Tigers, Lions and giraffes.  

I'm in love with the pictures of Kingston in front of the RR crossing sign. 
He was very excited each time the train would pass by as we walked around the zoo. 
Seeing him light up over the things he loves.. 
there are no words.

We all got along and liked each other.
Zero tantrums and minimal whining
The sun was shining and it felt like we had the whole place to ourselves

What more could I ask for?

And on the way home, a little voice from the backseat said, "mom I had a great day at the zoo".



  1. Sounds so sweet! I love the pics of Kingston too! He is so grown up

  2. Awww so cute that little voice from the back seat. Kingston could be a model! he looks very relaxed in front of the camera !! Sounds like a great day