Oct 3, 2012

In His hands


You haven't been easy on my heart this month, little one. 

With a trip to the Emergency room for what we feared was a concussion, to sending three of your bottom teeth through your lip just days later, to getting sick, to walking in the living room seeing you mid air and landing face first on the hard wood floor busting your chin wide open..

You needed 6 stitches but only left with 4 because me and three nurses were barely able to keep you still enough. Hearing you cry out for me was the worst of it all, because I'd do anything for you.

and today while you napped, I watched you sleep and I broke down.

I don't know why exactly. 

I guess because during these moments my emotions are so pent up and being in "supermom mode" allows me to jump into action and not even think about being emotional through these ordeals. 

But when things calm down and I'm able to reflect, I'm overwhelmed with gratitude that each and every time, I know the Lord's hand was upon you. 
A few inches more, could have been a very serious situation. 

I'm thankful that daddy was able to get there in minutes, that we have health insurance and money to pay co-pays...the list goes on

I know that you are just a gift that was lent to us and now, more than ever, I completely trust God with your life. He loves you more than I do and that gives me strength.


  1. Oh how scary it is to be a mother.

  2. So glad he is ok! You are superwoman!

  3. OH my, what a week! Your poor guy! But I love how you listed the things your thankful for- it's so easy to forget amongst such chaos!

  4. :( I am sorry. That is rough. He is gonna keep you on your toes, I think. I know what you mean about being supermom in the moment but when you are alone and it really sinks in then you just kinda lose it. I am the same way.