Oct 29, 2012

date night, hurricane, & spider pumpkin

We've been feeling some effects from hurricane Sandy the past couple of days. Lots of rain and wind but we have some cold weather coming our way and that has me looking forward. 
It's supposed to clear out by Wednesday so we should have a nice chilly halloween. 
80 degrees in October brings me down...it's just not right.

Ben and I had the chance to go out on a date this weekend. You guys, it had been like two months and as much as I love being with my kids all the time, I was starting to feel lost in the momma role and really needed a night out with my husband.

We had dinner, saw a movie, got coffee, talked, and came home to a quiet house since the boys slept over at my moms. 
Now I feel recharged.


Would you believe that in all my 26 years, I've never carved a pumpkin? 

I'm serious..

But that all changed last week. 
The whole family got together and we made it happen.

And with the help of my brothers girlfriend who traced a spider for me to carve out, I thought I did pretty well.

Anyway, if you think thats exciting well then come back tomorrow because I've got something even more exciting to share with you all :)



  1. Agree, 80 degree weather in the middle of Fall is NOT right. Stay safe.

  2. I've never carved a pumpkin either. ha. I figure next year when Em is older I probably will. Can't wait till tomorrow ;)

  3. Newest follower here! I found you through the Monday link up! Cute blog, I can’t wait to read more!

  4. ah a date night sounds so lovely right now! as much as I adore being a mommy, I too get a little lost in that role & it's always nice to get that time to reconnect with my hubby. I didn't carve a pumpkin until I was in my 20's either! New follower of your blog :)

  5. We carved pumpkins last night! I can't believe this was your first time! You did so good too. That looks lille a difficult stencil to cut out!