Oct 8, 2012

At least I got pictures

I got what I needed, a good weekend with my family. 

We went to the pumpkin patch together with my mom and niece.
It's funny to me, because you can look at these pictures, and you would think it was a perfect fall afternoon where everyone was feeling festive and the heavens opened and my kids actually smiled for a few pictures.. but it was quite the opposite. 
If you didn't count the heat, hunger, poopy diaper, bad attitudes and chasing Weston through the pumpkin patch when it was finally our turn for the hayride... it really was a good day.

And I do mean that, it's just not always as perfect as pictures make it out to be. It's easy to look at someones life and think they've got it all together because of what they choose to let you see. Well I have for you some cute pictures and a real description of how the day went.

And I thought it was pretty awesome!

I'll tell you what is not awesome. I'll be taking Kingston in to get his stitches out this morning...can I get some prayers over here?


  1. cute pictures!! i got the pictures i needed at the pumpkin patch this weekend too. :)
    prayers for kingston and mommy today! <3

  2. Good luck with getting the stitches out!! Poor guy and poor momma too.
    We went to the pumpkin patch this past weekend too.

  3. Lesley! Even if the day was not completely perfect, it looks like you made some fun memories anyway! And your boys are just so so so adorable! :)
    Prayers for you gettin' that kid's stitches out! Yikes!