Sep 24, 2012


As I was packing my car full of toddlers and groceries this morning I was thinking about how well behaved my boys were in the store.
I mean.. there were a few little mishaps but overall there was no screaming or running or behaviors that make single people swear they'll never have kids. At least not that I noticed.

It wasn't always this way. I've been the mom with the toddler laying on the floor screaming while the baby is also crying in the cart. I've been flustered and panicked while others are staring at you across the store thinking that your kids just need good spankings.

If I could pass on any advice to new parents it would be to keep working at whatever issue your dealing with until....

So many things are a process, that will taken 2000 timeouts before you realize one day that your child hasn't even done that behavior in over a week.

You did that. Remember those victories because a lot of the things you deal with, when it comes to your babies will not be solved with one good talk, or a single timeout or spanking. (or however you discipline. I'm not going to debate you on that)

And then you start working on the next challenge. Because there always is a next one. They will change and be different as they grow, but don't forget those victories. You are making progress when you stick to something even if you can't see it in the moment.

It might feel like "it's always something" but they are growing.

God is so patient with us. How many times have I not trusted Him, or had a bad attitude over and over again? I'm also growing, I rarely get it right the first time and He's working with me until.


  1. so true. love this.

  2. great post!! good advice for new mothers and mothers who have been doing it awhile. ;-)

  3. This is just what I needed, even for an 8 week old.

  4. Great post! And man you have some handsome little boys!!

  5. I love this! I am a new mom, my son will be one this saturday and I know i am just at the start of the throwing fits. Good to hear that all the hard work pays off =)