Aug 29, 2012

You make me happy

I hope you two had a great summer

I've had so much fun with you

We've crossed off many things on our bucket list

And you've both grown so much

I was thinking about that today...

How easily you run around the park or go down water slides at ocean breeze, Weston. Your not much of a baby any more but more and more like a little boy.

And Kingston, you are doing so well with your social skills and manners. You've overcome a lot of struggles and fears in just the last few months. You have the sweetest personality and...finally...others are getting to see that wonderful side of you.

The bond you two have is a beautiful thing to see

You're really playing with each other and looking out for one another now instead of simply playing along side each other.

You boys make me proud

And you make life really fun

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