Aug 31, 2012

The little things

I do actually own a nice camera...I should probably pull it out every now and then. But today it's all insta-grams.

On Friday night last week, we put the kids to bed and our friends came over bearing gifts. Wine and cheese. We had a great evening in the backyard around our patio table chatting and laughing until almost 2:00 in the morning.

Sunday morning we decided to sleep in. I made the boys some "roller cakes" aka cinnamon rolls and we had breakfast in the back yard.

This man and I have had some ups and downs this year, as far as liking each other goes. We've been married 6 years, but we tend to do things a little earlier than everyone else so maybe we're going through that "7 year hump" ahead of schedule. We're changing, and growing and I know our marriage is stronger than ever.

If you follow my blog or know me personally, then you know Ben and I have been following Dave Ramsey as far as our finances go. We spent the last two years ridding what little debt we had, getting an emergency fund set up and since february of this year we had been saving to purchase a vehicle in cash for the first time. We've always paid our cars off at least in a year, but to actually write a check for a vehicle twice as much as anything we've ever paid, was an incredible feeling. Kind of feels like anything is possible...even on our limited budget.
It was a crazy week finding a car we wanted, a buyer for our previous vehicle stringing us along, both of those things not working out and then the truck (honda pilot) I never thought we could afford, the truck I only dreamed we would ever have, popped up for exactly the right price. I knew God was all over this...and look how many babies I can get in that truck! Six!!

Calm down...we're not trying to have six..but you know...we can at least take their friends too!


So of course on monday we loaded up the pilot for the first of many trips to the beach...

We had been posting pictures this week of all the kids together. People say things like, "soo many kids" and how we're brave. I just think of myself as a woman who recognizes children as a blessing and wants to take them places to have fun. Sure it's a little insane at times...but I'm pretty sure as far as "best mom in the world" goes...Aspen and I are pretty close to the top of that list...and that includes feeding them mcdonalds.

On Wednesday, Ben got off work early so we could go to the waterpark again before the season is over. I just couldn't get over how much Weston didn't "need" help going down water slides and running around all on his own. I'm not gonna hurt. I need a new one.


We live in a house, in a culdesac. Whats the big deal? When I found out I was pregnant with Weston I wondered if God would ever give my boys a place to play outside. We lived in a condo, and there was absolutely no where they could ride bikes or kick a ball in the grass. We've been here a year and I can't get over the fact that God went above and beyond what we wanted.

He's eating strawberries...don't get excited. Whatever you do, conceal your giddiness. Act like you don't notice he's voluntarily eating something healthy. And definitely don't post it on facebook. I'm convinced these kids somehow have a sense you posted what they did on sleeping through the night, or potty training or eating something healthy. Maybe the blog is safe..we'll see.

Happy looooonggg weekend to you wonderful people. Hope you have beautiful weather!!


  1. i have wanted a honda pilot fooorever! :) so awesome that you have one now, and that it fits 6 kids!! love the pic of all the kiddos at mcdonalds!

  2. it's so cute that you and your hubby both have dark hairs (or so i see) but your boys are blonde! :P

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