Aug 25, 2012

The little things

Hi blog...sorry I've neglected you.

We had a nice beach or days at the pool, but it was still good. It feels like the rainy-est month of my life...Hah maybe we will survive over the fall and winter. I'm coming up with ideas for a fall bucket list. Deep breaths, I will make it!

Friday night me and a few girl friends went out to celebrate Melissa's (blonde) birthday. Dinner at Zushi followed by margaritas at chili's. Strawberry on the rocks = new favorite! One of the best girls nights I've ever had.


I don't know how it happened, but I convinced Ben to let me go out on Saturday night too, for a bachelorette party. I owe him big time.


I threw together some bacon and ranch quesadillas and they were the bomb!


I am still thanking God for the house he gave us last year, with the park right down the street. I'm overwhelmed by little blessings like this, things I never thought to ask for, He knew would be so great for our family and we spend many evenings there.


We took the kids to see "Brave" last week. On Tuesday's cinema cafe has tickets for $1.50. You can't beat that and we all loved the movie :)


I'm so thankful for the new friends God has brought into my life this year. I love that we can make plans spur of the moment with all four of our kids, and we always arrive somewhere at the same time. We met at the park at 9:30 in the morning on wednesday and then walked to subway for lunch. It's always kinda crazy with these little ones but it's so much better than sitting home.


I was looking through old pictures and it literally pains me to see these newborn pictures of my sweet Weston. I ache to hold him. Where has the time gone?


I managed to sneak in some spinach in the pizza for dinner one night this week. They gobbled it right up. Muahahah


It's been so cool in the evenings so we've been spending time in the backyard. Looking forward to getting a fire pit and making our backyard a fun little place to hang out this fall.


So maybe starting my mornings off like this all week had something to do with our good week. Not maybe...definitely. We had been researching cars so much this week, crunching numbers, getting strung along by potential buyers and letting our "dream" cars go because it just wasn't right. I needed to disconnect from it, I needed peace and I knew exactly where to find it.



  1. I went out last night with a friend AND went for a relaxing salon day today -- I owe my husband bigtime, too! It feels so good just to get out and be you, too!

    I'm jealous you have a park nearby! We have one in our neighborhood but it has no swings, so it's not very fun for the little ones. :(

  2. Sounds like you had a fun week, you spinach-sneaking mom! I love the Minnie Mouse mug. Happy Weekend!