Aug 10, 2012

The little things

I'm procrastinating right now...trying to delay the dreaded trip to the grocery store for two weeks worth of groceries.

So until I finish filling my mommy tank with gas (coffee) and decide to peel myself off this couch...I'll put together my instagrams from the week.

It rained until thursday...4 days of raaaaaiiiin can really put a damper on my mood. It's gloomy again today but I felt so rejuvinated after being at the pool and in the sun for 4 hours yesterday.

On Saturday we had a birthday party at hunt club farm. I decided last year that was the place I wanted to have a joint party for the boys for their next birthday, so I was glad to see a party there and actually booked their November party this week!


After the party a bunch of us headed to the beach. It was a perfect beach day. Cool breeze, warm sun and even a sleeping Kingston!


Sunday we had another birthday party. Looks like I'll be getting two of these jeeps, in blue of course, come november :)

Oh and on Friday, Aspen and I had a girls night out. Chili's margaritas and a shared appetizer followed by shopping at childrens place. Lets be real...even when I'm on a date or night out with the girls, I'm either talking about those kids or shopping for them.


We visited the library this week, since the rain left us with very few options for fun. We stocked up on train movies and a few DVD's to get us through.

Dinner pulled together with what was left in the kitchen. Left over pasta, broccoli and a can of italian diced tomoatoes. It was actually really good!

We've been finding Kingston sleeping under Weston's crib a lot this week. Bunk beds maybe?


And on thursday the sun came out (cue angelic voices). We took full advantage of the pool. Stayed all afternoon, touched up our tan lines and started liking each other again. I'm kind of kidding.


Found these gems in an old shoe box. One of my best friends growing's crazy to think these photos are over ten years old.


I still can't get over the fact that Weston is wearing all of Kingston's old clothes. I love seeing all these cute things getting use again.

I hit a huge weight loss goal this week. A number on the scale I haven't seen in almost a year, finally popped up on the scale yesterday. Hallelujah!!


Have a great weekend!!


  1. So cute how he was sleeping under Weston's crib!! Your kids are adorable! Have a great weekend!

  2. How funny that he's sleeping under the crib!

  3. How fun that you get to spend so much time at the beach! I am just a tad bit jealous. :) Congrats on hitting that number on the scale! I wish I could say the same. :)

  4. Congratulations on hitting a weight loss goal! And I love seeing all your little guy photos! Glad the birthdays went well. And they'll love the Power Wheels Jeep. I had one when I was a kid, and it was my favorite thing! :)

  5. new follower! excited I found your blog.

    stop by sometime!