Aug 3, 2012

The little things

So hey..

I know we're all probably excited about the weekend, but I'm super excited because this is the first weekend in like a month that doesn't have a 40% chance of rain every day...and we've got some fun things planned. A girls night tonight, a few birthday parties, and a trip to the beach.

We really do make the best of those rainy days, and my lawn is very thankful as well..


The picture of me and the boys is basically a miracle. I can't even believe it exists...yep those are gold fish in Weston's teeth but they are smiling :)

And when they sleep, I love to kiss them and admire them...and they never even know.


Funds were kind of tight last week but I was seriously wanting some ice cream on the way home from the beach. I waited until they fell asleep in the car and then stopped for a jr frosty. I enjoyed it in the driveway and threw away the evidence before I woke them. I normally just get them stuff, but sometimes I decide to treat myself. ha!


If you follow my instagram then you know that kingston got my phone while I was napping one day this week...I'm just thankful my mouth wasn't open or that I wasn't drooling or something majorly embarassing. I'm not a pretty sleeper most the time.

And if there is a weakness for me when it comes to food, it isn't ice cream, it isn't chocolate it's these darn chips.


Fresh out of the shower with a huge bowl of pop corn watching nemo...

My sister kept the boys overnight for us so, Ben and I got a date night last night. We went to dinner AND a movie. We never get to do both so it was a huge blessing.


Have a great weekend, friends!


  1. This is such a sweet post - your boys are so precious!

  2. such sweet pictures!! so funny that kingston took a sleeping pic of you! :) have a great weekend!

  3. hahaha love the photo kingston snapped of you! And yay for date nights!! =)

  4. Your boys are precious!! Date nights are the best! Glad you had a good one :)

  5. There's no shame in sneaking a sweet treat before the kiddos see! And you look so pretty coming home from the beach - I'm normally a hot, greasey mess!

  6. Yeah for date night!! I just adore your little ones. They are so cute!

  7. Stopping by from the link up. Your two boys are so beautiful! Sounds like you had a great week with them. And hurray for treating yourself. Every lady deserves it! :) Those chips really ARE addicting...I can't even buy them or else I will eat the whole bag. :)

  8. Hi there! Super cute blog; love it! :-)

    I'm not following you from the "Southern Bloggers" link-up! I hope you'll head over to my page and follow me back. Us southern bloggers gotta stick together ;-)

    Sarah B Texas @ City Girl Gone Country

    (ps: Be sure to come link up to our Sunday Snaps Link Up and show off YOUR favorite photographs!)

    1. now** following you! Haha sorry, what a terrible typo!

  9. You have the cutest boys!!!! They are darling!!